Hey guys!

This is a blog I started for all my thoughts on life, love and relationships, and adulthood. I am new to this whole adult thing, and was hoping to share what I am learning with whoever wants to connect and hopfully share with me too. I live in miami, have lived there my whole life. I love Miami, it i my home, and no i don’t go to the beach everyday even though if i could I would. Some would say I am a low-key ballerina working to become a real ballerina. Ballet is my life, I love it. Ballet helps me think, clears my mind. So ballet will also be a huge part of writings. My sisters are my best friends and I learn so much about living life to the fullest by spending time with them. Not sure what I would do without them, and yeah, yeah, everyone always ┬ásays that, but it’s true. They are my best friends. I am the oldest, which is a blessing and a curse… (speaking mainly of when they steal all my clothes). My mom is also my best friend, and my dad is who taught me about art and what it means to be an artist.

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